Fox is probably one of the most cunning forest animals. They are sly, sneaky, and full of surprises. Beside birds, wolves and tigers, fox is another animal eye-catching art of mine. I want to make sure I have a tutorial on “how to draw a fox for a child”, step by step because I know how many foxes are loved. The drawings appear quite darn cute and the best part about this lesson is that it will be easy to do. The face is friendly, the ears are playful and loud, the body is small and cuddly. I think this is one of the best fox draws I have ever done, and I can not wait for you to enjoy this tutorial. I have created so many foxes in the past that it’s hard to find something to talk about. No matter what, this application will definitely satisfy you, and make sure you tell me your thoughts on how you like this lesson. If you have any requests, just drop me an email and let me know. Peaceful people! ….

How to draw a cartoon Fox


Create a circle for the head, and then draw out a neck and another shape for the body. Add a face tutorial and then move on to step two.


Using the shapes and lines that you drew in step one, start sketching out the shape of the fox’s head which should also have cheeks that look bleak. Make the shape of the body and see the body like the trunk of the mushroom.


Draw out and color in such eyes, and then draw eyebrows, nose, and outlines in some cute beard.


Now it’s time to draw the big effective ears, and be sure to make them kiddish. Draw the inner ear detail and go to step 5.


For the final drawing, all you have to do is draw the forelimbs, the hind legs and the lower part of the fetus. Sketch a long, feathered tail, and then add two toned marks.


Once you clean up the tutorial and the shape you drew in step one, your drawing will appear cute like the one you see here. Color in your new animal and you have completed this tutorial on how to draw a fox for your kids.

You’ll find great drawing tutorials for children by step-by-step explanations and videos on how to create great drawings at the website:How to draw for kids


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