How to draw Pikachu from pokemon

How to draw Pikachu step by step for kids easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.



This tut does not really need the tutorial, but I know how many people do not like drawing without them, so I’ve stuck in anyway for any of you who likes to get the spot rate on .


Yes, the shape of the head basically goes in circles, but note how the left side of the head is flatter with a point.


We will draw the ear and face features of Pikachu right now. Ear-like hairs with them, may be hard to get right away, but you will know when you have the right shape. Typically Pikachu’s eyes are round, and you can do it that way if you want, but here I did them in an anime-shaped circular triangle. Note how the cheek is not perfectly rounded, as we do not look at him coming in.


Next we will mark in Pikachu’s arms. They are short and chubby and have little chunky fingers at the end too. Notice how the arm starts to faint at the top of the bottom.


Time to draw the bottom half of Pikachu. His body shape is a rounded bell shaped part of his arm, and his legs are long and thin with three toes.


The last step is to draw the tail and the mark of the pikachu on the ear, back and tail.


And that’s it! Now you have your very own Pikachu drawing! Hope you find this guide helpful, I’d love to hear what you think in the comment section.

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